February 12, 2018

Alumni Voice: Jaidev Dhavle

Jaidev Dhavle, Alumnus of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems Class 2015-2017, shares with us his reasons to study this program, his experiences and benefits and his recommendations for people interested in this program.

Why did you decide to participate in this program?
I have had a passion for Renewable Energy since high-school and during my Bachelors and first Masters I studied and learnt about renewable energy in a very scientific and technical way. When I came across this Master Programme - I decided to participate in it because it offered to give student the whole picture on the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Sector - more specifically it was the ideal blend of theoretical knowledge and its practical application.

What did you expect and were your expectations met?
My expectation for this program was to gain more knowledge on the practical aspects of renewable energy viz. information on how policies & laws are developed, financing of RE projects, development of business plans and field visits to renewable energy project sites. Upon completion of this program I can say confidently that my expectations were successfully met.

How did you benefit personally and/or professionally from the program?
Personally, this program enabled me to build upon my existing renewable energy knowledge base as well as get further in-depth knowledge in this area. Professionally this program allowed me to interact with experts in this sector and learn about career opportunities + trends. Moreover, I can know say that I am proficient in Renewable Energy Systems when making job applications - my profile has become more attractive to prospective Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development employers upon completion on of this programme.

Do you have any advice for future students?
Future prospective students who have a serious interest in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development will benefit highly from this programme as the contents taught are very relevant and informative. This programme will definetly enable you to be engaged with the international Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development community. I also believe the close relationships that are built between classmates, programme staff and lecturer's makes the programme very active. Just be ready to work hard but remember also have fun and seize opportunities which arise.

For detailed information on the MSc program, please visit our homepage: newenergy.tuwien.ac.at

Next program start: November 15, 2018

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