17. March 2018

Alumni Voice: Ulrich Tschiesche

Ulrich Tschiesche MMSc, Alumnus des MSc Renewable Energy Systems Class 2015-2017 und „die Presse“-Stipendiat, teilt mit uns heute seine Gründe, warum er sich für das Studium entschieden hat und seine Erfahrungen im MSc Programm.

I had already some background in environmental engineering and sciences when I found that by digging deeper into the field of renewable energies, energy efficiency, mobility and other related topics I could further improve my competence in - and understanding of - today’s and future global challenges. The program “Renewable Energy Systems” is well structured and coordinated. It provides up to date technical and economical insights on topics related to renewable energy which enabled me to further move in this direction.

Furthermore, I came to know more closely my program colleges which all came from different countries and shared the same passion for the “renewables”. The program also provides opportunities for Alumnis like me to stay updated and exchange with new and former students by attending the REN talks or new lectures. I can recommend the program!

Detaillierte Informationen zum MSc Renewable Energy Systems finden Sie unter newenergy.tuwien.ac.at

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