February 19, 2018

From waste to biogas – Field trip to the biogas plant in Simmering

Three days of theoretical imput and a field trip to the 48er biogas plant in simmering were on the program during the module in February. Despite of the cold the students of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems Class 2017-2019 visited the 48er biogas plant in Simmering to see the learnt processes put into practice.

The biogas-plant in Vienna-Simmering processes kitchen and biowaste for long-distance heating since 2007. Since 2015 it also produces Biomethan through a mesophil wet process to power 900 Viennese households with bio-natural gas anually. Every year they transform 22.000 tons of bio-waste to 1 million m3 carbon dioxide neutral biomethane with a methane content of 99 percent.. This process saves about 3.000 tons of carbon dioxide p.a. and therefore has an active impact on climate protection. The gas storage on site allows to adjust the plant utilization to the actual demand.

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