February 14, 2018

Second ETIAtalk to discuss Space Debris Mitigation Measures on February 27th 2018

The second ETIAtalks panel discussion on “Waste in Space - is Space Wasted?” of this year’s series “What a Disastrous World it is…” will take place on Tuesday, February 27, at 7.00pm, in the Festsaal of the Diplomatic Academy, Favoritenstraße 15a, 1040 Wien.

ETIAtalks serves as a forum to explore and discuss issues of current relevance in the fields of the environment, energy, climate change and related technologies on national, regional and international scales. In this sense, ETIAtalks seeks to connect leading scholars and practitioners across multiple sectors, to provide a dynamic and interactive platform.

Since 1957, more than 4,900 space launches have led to a current on-orbit population of more than 18,000 tracked objects, of which only 1,100 are functional spacecraft. The remaining 94% of the objects are objects which no longer serve any useful purpose, called space debris.
Due to relative orbital velocities of up to 56,000 km/h, the rising population of space debris increases the potential danger to all space vehicles for breakups, explosions and collisions of satellites or rocket bodies, leading to an unstable debris environment in some orbit regions.
Space debris mitigation measures, if properly implemented by spacecraft designers and missions operators, can curtail the growth rate of the space debris population.

Confirmed speakers are:
●    Irmgard Marboe: Juridicum Vienna; Head, National Point of Contact for Space Law,  Austria
●    Cenan Al-Ekabi: Resident Fellow at the European Space Policy Institute
●    Edward Burger: Euroconsult, European Space Policy Institute
●    tbc

Kindly register online registration@etiatalks.at – free entrance!
More information can be found on: www.etiatalks.at.


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