February 20, 2018

Student Voice: Kaitlyn WonJung Chang

Read what motivated Kaitlyn WonJung Chang, student of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, to start the program and which insights she can share from her MBA experience so far:

After leaving my previous job as Managing Director of a Samsung Group company here in Austria, I felt lost. Multiple years of stressful management decisions and never feeling adequate enough made me realize that it's finally time for me to do an MBA - I'd learned the hard way, that being good in projects and being able to run good businesses is something drastically different.

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation MBA was a perfect match for me. In the first year, we learned basics of business including things like corporate finance and global economics, which was tremendously helpful to sharpen business & management knowledge. The second year with a strong focus on Entrepreneurship & Innovation was even better, because it helped me gather up my courage to finally start what I always only dreamed of - to found my own startup.

Kaitlyn WonJung Chang
Head of Strategy & Innovation, KTHE GmbH
Co-Founder, Sellvus


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