March 26, 2018

Alumni Voice: Roxana Predoiu

Roxana Predoiu, Alumna of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems Class 2015-2017, shares with us her reasons why she decided to study the MSc Renewable Energy Systems and what aspects make the MSc Program unique compared with others.

"My decision to enroll in the Renewable Energy Systems MSc Program with CEC TU Wien was triggered by a combination of factors: a goal of shifting my 25-year career in IT Systems towards sustainable development projects, and to contribute to mitigating the effects of anthropogenic climate change effects and human population increase, at a time when these topics are more consequential than ever.
This Program seemed to me the perfect investment and educational opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about Renewable Energy Systems, while still working full-time and having an active family life.

In my opinion, what makes this Program particularly attractive and useful is that it offers a diversity of perspectives, covering the Renewable Energy Systems in an analytical, multifaceted, and comprehensive manner, through extensive readings, intensive lectures and very interesting field trips, in the company of  some of the best experts in these areas.

At the end of it, I would not consider myself an expert in any of the studied areas, but I am confident I have gained extremely valuable knowledge, and have built a solid foundation, to pragmatically help me getting involved with sustainable development projects, in the near future."


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