March 05, 2018

Today is World Energy Efficiency Day!

The World Energy Efficiency Day is celebrated worldwide on March 05 since 1998 to raise awareness to the reasonable and sustainable use of energy.

Energy Efficiency is not only about decreasing the use of energy by energy saving and sacrificing the quality of life, but more about the optimization of production processes and energy consumption. This goes hand in hand with the integration of renewable energy sources into the existing system. The topic of energy efficiency is of global importance. To tackle climate change, the EU issued its own Energy Efficiency Directive in 2012, which establishes a set of binding measures to reach its 20% energy efficiency target by 2020 (learn more).

In the MSc Renewable Energy Systems a whole module is dedicated to this important topic. Our students gain knowledge on communal & regional energy concepts, the development of measures for model region, energy performance contraction for building refurbishment, inside & outside climate conditions & thermal comfort; energy demand calculation, solar architecture, energy efficient mobility and chemical storages.

This module is concluded with a field trip to the Excursion Plus Energy Office Building of TU Wien, where our students experience energy efficiency concepts put into practice (learn more).

Detailed information on the MSc Renewable Energy Systems:

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