March 15, 2018

First CEC Update regarding EU-GDPR

On February 23 and 24, 2018 the first CEC Update dealing with the topic “The EU-General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – are you prepared?” took place. The lecture was given by Mag. Nino Tlapak, LL.M. (IT-Law), Attorney at Law with DORDA Rechtsanwälte GmbH. The participants were full of praise for the data protection and IT-law expert. Mag. Elisabeth Raab, MSc., RAAB & RAAB Vermögensberatung Gesellschaft m.b.H., puts it like this: “The lecturer prepared the topic excellently – professionally as well as didactically. Such a seminar will make or break with the chosen lecturer. Thanks a lot to the CEC team for Mag. Tlapak.“

Mag. Tlapak has been dealing with data protection law in Austria for many years and is currently involved in several implementation projects. Therefore, he was able to impart the complex matter very competently and related to practice. Mag. Mario Grassl, MSc, alumnus of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems, confirms: “The provided 10-point-plan for the implementation of the GDPR is immediately applicable in the own company.“

The majority of the 17 participants had already been dealing with the GDPR and asked questions concerning specific problems in their respective companies. Mag. Elisabeth Raab, MSc. describes her most important learning from the CEC Update like this: “The GDPR is definitely a matter companies have to deal with. Provided the right preparation and support, this is manageable. I already knew that an interplay of IT, technology, and law is necessary, but nobody had expressed this so clearly before.”

And which advice has Mag. Tlapak for companies that are only now starting to deal with the GDPR? Which measures should be implemented in any case? Mag. Tlapak: “Given the short deadline this is – depending on the compliance so far – an ambitious aim. Most important will be the right prioritization: sensitive processings and critical business processes must have priority and should be handled quickly. It is crucial to close big gaps first to minimize particularly sensitive risks.”

Anyhow, the participants of the CEC Update are now able to answer the question: „The GDPR – are you prepared?“ with: “Yes, we are.” Michael Valenta, PKE Electronics AG, summarizes: “I think each participant could benefit from the CEC Update and is now definitely better prepared for dealing with the GDPR.“


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