March 20, 2018

Country Module The Balkans 2018

From March 15 to 18, 2018 the students of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems spent 4 days in Croatia for the Country Module on The Balkans.

Read about their experiences in Zagreb and its surroundings. For more impressions, please visit our Photo Gallery!

Day 1
From March 15 - 18, both cohorts of the MSc program Renewable Energy Systems attended the Country Modul The Balkans in Zagreb. They started with their first lecture on Renewable Energy in Croatia from Dr. Biljana Kulisic, of the Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar, our partner institution of many years, where the lectures also took place. After this, the students of the 13th cohort held presentations for their colleagues on the different energy topics comparing the situation in Austria and Croatia.
In the evening they visited the exhibition Nikola Tesla: Mind of the future, which is only in Zagreb until the 20th of March. The students had the opportunity to try out a lot of Tesla’s inventions, virtual reality technologies and had a tour guide telling them about the life of Nikola Tesla. After the guided tour, some students decided to roam around the exhibition a little longer, while others made their way to their hotels to relax after the information filled first day.
The whole group of students were excited for their excursion the next day to the coast of Croatia, to the city Zadar.

Day 2
The first stop of this fieldtrip to Zadar was at the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center, where the students got a tour of Tesla‘s birth house and of the reconstructed village he grew up in. At the end two students volunteered to demonstrate a wireless power transmission experiment Tesla invented.
The second stop was the vocational school Vice Vlatkovic in Zadar. What makes this school so special, is its dedication to renewable energies. It has many photovoltaic panels on the roof, two wind turbines in front of it and a solar loading station for electric cars in the parking lot. Besides these renewable energies powering the school, the students are also doing amazing work in the field. The proud principal was showing the group around the building, telling them about what the students learn and about projects they completed by themselves. For example, students built a smart bench which can charge phones and laptops using electricity from PV-panels on its roof. At the end of the tour we saw the very first functioning electric car in Croatia, which was also built by students of the school. Until a few years ago it was still being driven on the road. The group was very impressed by the level of innovation and enjoyed being showed around the school.
Before driving back to Zagreb, the students enjoyed the sunset on the beach of Zadar and had dinner in the most famous seafood restaurant of the city. Even though it was a long day it was very enjoyable and the weather made it feel more like vacation, than a study trip!

Day 3
On Saturday, students broadened their knowledge on other countries on the Balkan. Three experts in renewable energy were invited to give insights into the situation of renewable energy in their respective countries: DI Franko Nemac from Slovenia, Ardian Bilibashi from Albania and Nikola Catovic from Serbia.
The students were very interested, asked a lot of questions and discussed their own views on the topic with the guest lecturers. The lecturers themselves were also interested in each other’s lectures, so they stayed and listened in on their colleagues. To end the day, our host in Zagreb Dr. Biljana Kulisic gave a presentation about a project of hers called “Young Farmers: Circles of circular Economy – FarmCircle”. After this the students spread out and spent their last night in Zagreb by going out to dinner and getting to know each other better.

Day 4
On Sunday they had one more lecture from the Austrian expert Alexander Fischer who told them about the investment possibilities in Croatia in the sector of renewable energy. After this last lecture on Sunday everyone went on their way home, either by bus, airplane or car. All in all it was a great week and a nice last Module for the 13th cohort students. The 14th cohort students are now looking forward to their next Country Module in Germany the coming year.

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