April 18, 2018

Site Visit: Erste Campus, Professional MBA Facility Management

The Erste Group Bank AG was scattered in 25 different buildings in Vienna and therefore it was decided to build a new centralized headquarter, the Erste Campus, on the ground of the former south railway station (Südbahnhof). With a surface area of 25,000 m² and a gross usable floor space of 165,000 m², Erste Campus stands out through its open, flowing architecture that fits smoothly into the historic and natural spatial context of the city. The ground floor areas are open to the public and the variety of places to eat and drink (restaurants and cafes) ensures that the Campus is different from the usual hermetic design of bank headquarters. The central location near to the city center guarantees an easy access and the modern workplace concept offers a comfortable working environment with a high quality of life. That makes the Erste Campus attractive to customers and employees.

On April 13, 2018, a tour of Erste Campus took place with students of the “Professional MBA Facility Management”. The offices are designed according to different work place concepts and provide maximum mobility and flexibility to guarantee efficient work. There are about 4,000 workstations, but no fixed allocations of the workplaces, where the employees use the workstations depending on their activities and working hours. In addition, there are temporary places for work, meetings, rest areas and other uses.

It was a good opportunity to experience the practical implementation of modern workplace concepts and to appraise the Erste Campus from an architectural point of view.

The Professional MBA Facility Management Program starts on September 27, 2018.

More Information: http://fm.tuwien.ac.at 


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