May 04, 2018

"Trust Robots" - new interdisciplinary Doctoral College chaired by Prof. Sabine Köszegi and Prof. Marcus Vincze of TU Wien.

"Trust Robots" is a new doctoral program at TU Wien aimed at exploring how to optimally work together with robots in everyday life. Robots change our lives, this has long been obvious in many industrial settings, but even in our free time, robots will play an increasingly important role - for example, as helpers in the household or even as companions.

The program has now been launched at TU Wien to analyze how to best use robots and where the limits might be. On board are various research groups - Faculty of Informatics, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and business administration, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, and Architecture.

The Doctoral College is chaired by Prof. Sabine Köszegi of the Institute of Management Science, Academic Director of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Chair of the Austrian Council for Robotics (read the interview with Prof. Köszegi from September 2017) together with Prof. Marcus Vincze of the Institute of Automation and Control, which deals with robot technology, especially with machine vision and automatic object recognition.

As part of the new Doctoral College, ten young researchers have the opportunity to work on important questions related to human-robot interaction, e.g. Understanding social agency and anthropomorphism in social robotics, Creating trust through body language, joint attention, and scene understanding in human-robot interaction, Advanced control, vision and cognition concepts for safe human robot cooperation in uncertain and dynamic environments, Skepticism, confidence, and overconfidence in decisions and actions of robots, Division of labor and trust in hybrid manufacturing settings.

This interdisciplinary cooperation is designed to foster cutting-edge research in robotics and AI, which should be beneficial to both research and teaching. Access to various resources of TU Wien, e.g. a joint "Living Lab" and TU Wien’s Pilotfabrik, will allow the research groups to conduct experiments and test ideas on different robots.

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