May 17, 2018

Club of Rome Carnuntum – Congratulations to our partner!

We congratulate our partner Energiepark Bruck/Leitha as part of Römerland Carnuntum to the foundation of the local chapter Club of Rome.

The „Römerland Carnuntum“has always stood out with its ability to promote intellectual innovation, to think big and to fulfill its visions. Because of this, a number of groundbreaking projects have already been developed. It was one of the first regions to invest in renewable energies and to reach energy self-sufficiency. The region has always recognized the challenges of the future in time and found solutions, which it turned into reality.

So it is clear: The Römerland Carnuntum has always worked hard to find Innovations for a sustainable development of the region and prides itself with a long and identy-based history. Even though- or because of – there is no college in the region, a lot of socio-institutional structures for bold innovation (z.B.: algae production Ecoduna, Energiepark Bruck/Leitha, lectures, workshops and seminars) have been developed over the years. As a result, the region turns out to be an ideal partner for the analysis and further development of model innovation- and transformation structures. The MSc Renewable Energy Systems is part of that. Once per semester the students are guests of Energiepark Bruck/Leitha to meet experts and learn in practice-oriented settings.

In the spirit of innovation, we dared to found the Club of Rome Carnuntum – exactly 50 years after the founding of the international Club of Rome and were acknowledged as an independent chapter!
Since the founding of the international Club of Rome 50 years ago, the key was to think different. Now, half a century later it’s time for a novelty: the founding of the local chapter Club of Rome Carnuntum, which, in the spirit of its mother organization, wants to promote intellectual innovation in order to establish new future projects. The starting point is May 25th, 2018 at 05:00 pm in Hainburg - more information.

For detailed information on the MSc program, please visit our homepage.
Next program start: November 15, 2018
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