July 09, 2018

Vienna Forum on the European Energy Transition at TU Wien

With the Vienna Forum on the European Energy Transition at TU Wien, the renewable energy scene set a strong example just as Austria is starting its term as the EU presidency.

At the beginning of the event, Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes (EREF Vice-President), Simone Peter (president of DE Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energie) and Peter Püspök (president of Erneuerbare Energie AT) presented a common declaration to Josef Plank (general secretary. BM für Nachhaltigkeit und Tourismus), in which the European governments are being encouraged to set serious steps to reach a transformation of the energy system from fossil fuels to renewables. 

There is not only the international climate conference (COP 24, Katovice), the creation of a multi-annual EU budget plan and climate- and energy-plans of all member states, during Austrian’s period of EU presidency, but also the reorganization of the electricity markets. Austria’s work during the presidency will be the base of long term planning of the EU until 2050.

The keynote speaker of the Forum, Rana Adib (general secretary of REN 21) presented current statistics from the REN21 Global Status Report 2018 and closed her speech with: „In the year 2017 the worldwide percentage of renewable energies was at 21%. When we look at new built power plants it is already 70% - not only the future, but the present is already renewable”. She also added: „It’s surprising that Europe, when compared to other countries, is heavily falling behind. Aside from that it is urgent, that renewables also continue developing in the heating- and transport-sector.”

A few other interesting talks and a panel discussion rounded off a very successful event. Norbert Koller, Energiepark- employee and MSc Renewable Energy Systems Alumnus Norbert Koller was at the scene, to get informed about the newest developments and to network with the other guests. 

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