September 20, 2018

Engineering Management: Humanoid Robots made in Vienna

Nowadays, robots are indispensable and often seen as examples for mechatronic systems of the future. And indeed, the robot industry, which will open many new possibilities and bring profound changes, is growing at a staggering pace.

One of the most ambitious goals engineers have always had was to develop autonomous robots with intelligence at a human level. Moreover, they should be able to function in a constantly changing environment.

Today robots are already able to fulfill many of our needs thanks to artificial intelligence. The great challenge of the future will be the development of robotic systems that have the ability to feel, to interact with people and to finish complex tasks independently.

We are close to the fulfillment of a human dream: intelligent, man-like machines – humanoid robots.

The TU Wien has contributed greatly to this development and shows its know how on the MSc program “Engineering Management”. This program conveys technical details and the necessary management skills to actively shape the future of production automation.

Interested? Then apply now for this unique MSc program at the TU Wien!


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