January 23, 2019

CEC Field Trip Hamburg 2019 - Renewable Energy Systems Insights

Join the participants of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems on their Country Module in Germany from April 11 to April 14, 2019! Within the scope of tailor-made country modules the students of the MSc Program gain in-depth knowledge on energy markets in selected European countries. Country specific lectures will include a market overview, legal issues, and promotion schemes. Considering the valuable contributions by our external partners we hope to broaden the focus of our program and to offer our students additional networking opportunities in countries where they may engage in future renewable energy Projects.

When: April 11 - 14, 2019
Where: Hamburg and surroundings, Germany
Special Alumni Offer: EUR 300,- (exkl. travel expenses, accomodation and board)

Some hightlights of this year's Country Module:


  • The current political and economic situation of Renewable Energy in Germany
    Prof. Dr. Martin Kaltschmitt (TU-Hamburg)
  • Current R&D activities around renewable energy in Germany
    Prof. Dr. P. Jan Gebauer & PhD students (TU-Hamburg)
  • Business strategy  talk
    Dr. Max Ostrowski (Innogy)


  • Cuxhaven port development company GmbH
    The main aim of the “Cuxhaven Port Development Company”, is to develop and market industrial and commercial areas in proximity to the port. It also promotes the establishment and relocation of industrial, commercial and service companies. In this regard, the company has made a name for itself as a partner to the wind energy industry. Its focus is on the development of the best possible infrastructure for Cuxhaven as an offshore base which is tailor-made to meet the needs of the offshore wind energy industry.
  • Energiebunker
    The former anti-aircraft bunker in Wilhelmsburg has become a symbol of the climate protection concept Renewable Wilhelmsburg. The monument, which has been almost unused since the end of the war, was renovated as part of the IBA Hamburg and developed into a regenerative power plant with large heat storage.
  • Innogy
    Innogy is a leading energy company and a listed subsidiary of the German energy utility RWE, which was founded on April 1st, 2016. It operates distribution grids, sells energy and generates electricity partly from renewable energies. It operates in 16 countries and employs 42.000 people permanently. Innogy is a MDAX® listed company and reached a turnover of 43-billion Euro in 2017.

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 Impressions of the Country Module Germany 2017

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