February 11, 2019

MSc Engineering Management - Excursion to Austrian Airlines – The charming way to fly

The students of the MSc Program Engineering Management with Prof. Kopacek

For the closure of our 2017-2019 Engineering Management program we visited the facility of “Austrian Airlines Technical Department” with its giagantic hangars on the 22nd of January 2019.
The group was welcomed by a specialist who has formerly flown thousands of hours as “Flying Station Engineer” in different types of airplanes. It was fortunate to have someone guiding us with such an expert knowledge in aircraft maintenance.

The team then began the tour with a short introduction to the Boeing 777 and Airbus 320 flight systems and their differences. Only by looking at the control systems it would have been challenging to point out the functional characteristics of the two types that diversify from each other.
After a short walk in the facility the group arrived to the main attraction of the visit: to the hangars inside with planes which were under maintenance. The tour guide highlighted the main parts of the aircrafts with their functions and gave the team a deeper explanation of the different control and sensor systems such as angle of attack transducers, pitot tube measure sensors, different types of pressure sensors and the instrument landing systems. This gave the group a better understanding of what parameters are counted and what systems are needed for the flight operation including take-off and landing of an aircraft.

Furthermore, these airplanes were open and available to take a look at from the inside because of the maintenance activities. The group also got an interesting introduction of the cockpit with each control panel and their functions discussed and inspected.
As a result of this 2-hour long tour we got a feeling of the complexity of modern aviation technologies and their complicated, but well-automated processes and functionalities.

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