February 18, 2019

Excursion MSc Engineering Mangement - High precision and Nano

The Engineering Management students in the lab. Left to right: Numan Durakbasa, Urska, Gregor, Georgey, Ajel, Fakhri, Miro, Anna, Matthias, Frannie, Christoph, Peter Kopacek

As part of “Metrology and Total Quality Management” class we visited the Metrology Lab at TU Wien. Our visit was guided by Prof. Dr. Durakbasa and his associates and took place on January 29, 2019. After learning the basics of Nanotechnology and its principles, we were able to see measuring devices and techniques in practise.  

In order for any Metrology lab to serve its purpose certain environmental conditions need to be met. Those are: temperature, temperature rate of change, humidity, dust, vibration, lighting and acoustic noise. In the high-precision Metrology laboratory of the TU Wien with controllable and reproducible environmental conditions measurements are carried out with high accuracy, which fulfil the tasks with the smallest measurement uncertainties. Because of the environment sensitivity, everybody that enters the laboratory is required to wear protective gloves and shoe covers. That way the outside factors that could influence the existing conditions are minimised.

The TU Wien Metrology Lab main purpose is in-house testing for several scientific areas within the Technical University. The lab can also be contracted for external SMEs for measurements. That is mainly done by SMEs working on new materials or new manufacturing techniques.

Laboratory is divided in smaller labs, that each contain one group of measuring devices. We got the opportunity to first observe closely the process of 3D printing, 3D scanner, Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and the Computed tomography (CT). Followed by Laser Interferometer, surface measurement device and Atomic force microscope (AFM). To conclude our excursion we examined one hair of Frannie under an Digital microscope. Result: Frannie should use another shampoo.

For most of us it was a fascinating new world.

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