July 06, 2009

Trends and Challenges in the Automotive Industry - a lecture

In the framework of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry a Business Evening with Dr. Ing.hc Andreas Tostmann (CEO Volkswagen Slovakia) took placle on July 3, 2009 at the Vienna University of Technology.

In his presentation, the chairman of Volkswagen Slovakia spoke about Trends and Challenges in the Automotive Industry. The essential factor to be successful in the automotive industry, so Tostmann is marketing with a strong orientation to customer needs. The combination of regional customer requirements together with adapted product features and a lean of cost structure of the entire value chain is fundamental for the long-term competitive business operations. To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction the change in the perception of the existing process structure has to be implemented in the business organization. The combination of productivity and quality, as well as the reduction of costs are the main success factors in automotive industry. According to Tostmann the MBA Program will gain more attention because there is the growing potential in the Centrope region.

More information about the Professional MBA Automotive Industry under http://automotive.tuwien.ac.at



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