November 06, 2009

Welcome Reception of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation class 2009 – 2011

On October 27, 2009 the Welcome Reception of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation class 2009 – 2011 and other specializations of the PMBA took place at the Palais Liechtenstein.

The students of class 2009 - 2001 with the Academic Directors Prof. Franke and Prof. Köszegi

The ceremony was opened by Dr. Astrid Kleinhanns, Managing Director of the WU Executive Academy. In her welcome speech she congratulated the students on their decision to choose such a challenging and renowned MBA Program. She said that she was convinced that the participants were not yet fully aware of the impact that the MBA would have on their personal and professional lives. In addition she pointed out that the outcome would strongly depend on the personal contribution of each student.

In his key note address Dr. Rainer Reich, Senior Partner und Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group talked about the question what kind of people companies will need in 2020. He is convinced that graduates of MBA programs will be sought after, because they show commitment, courage, and drive. The methods, tools, and best practices acquired during an MBA program would increase their employability but the change in person was almost more relevant. Finally he assured the participants that they would have more fun at work after graduating from an MBA program and wished them a lot of success.

On behalf of all Academic Directors, Univ.Prof. Dr. Stefan Pichler expressed some expectations regarding academic standards and the observation of deadlines. In turn, he said, the students could expect to graduate from a very recognized MBA program and to become part of an international network. Prof. Pichler encouraged the students to show curiosity and to be open-minded for new situations, models, cultures and a new way of thinking. He also pointed out that it was crucial to show enthusiasm in order to sustain such a demanding MBA program besides family and work life. Finally he wished the students that all their expectations would be met and that they would be open-minded.

After that Mag. Elisabeth Michitsch, who currently participates in an MBA Program, told the audience about the experience that lay ahead. She said that she was convinced that the students would meet interesting and committed people with different backgrounds and benefit from their colleagues’ professional experience. Some of them might become friends or even business partners. She advised the participants to spare enough time for social life and assured them that they would learn more than they could imagine during this MBA program.

After taking some class photos the networking at the buffet started and the students had the chance to get to know each other. The participants of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation class 2009 – 2011 are from Austria, Brazil, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Italy and the Slovak Republic. We wish them a lot of success for their MBA studies!

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