December 10, 2009

Excursion to Volkswagen Slovakia in Bratislava

The postgraduate MSc program “Engineering Management” started again successfully on October 2, 2009. For improving the industry orientation in addition to the lectures, given by members of the international faculty, various company visits and evening lectures with distinguished experts from the industry are organized. 

Therefore, in addition to the EM module “Production Automation”, the first excursion was to Volkswagen Slovakia in Bratislava. In this branch currently 3 models: Audi Q7, VW Touareg, Å koda Octavia and bodies of Porsche Cayenne as well as components for other VW group models are produced. 188.000 cars were manufactured in 2008.

The visit covered the following production facilities: Car bodies ( Body Hall), assembly of power trains ( Power Train hall ), Final car assembly  ( Car assembly hall) and the materials testing labs. 

In the Body hall the car bodies are produced out of steel and aluminium by a combination of pressing, welding and gluing. Very impressive the stationary and mobile robots.In the power train hall. engine, gearbox, sub frame, front and rear axles, exhaust and steering are assembled. The workers are organised in autonomous workgroups. Naturally most interesting was the final assembly hall. In this hall, the painted bodies arrive from the paint shop, are fitted with electrics, interiors and glass, and have the power trains added. After a last inspection the cars are ready for delivery. The materials testing laboratory is organized in 4 groups: Polymers, Textile, Elastomer and Metal. The mission of the laboratory is to analyse materials and components before they are assembled to cars. For example: Have you an idea about the breaking load of seat belt? In our demonstration: 28 tons.

Summarizing: The participants got a deep insight in a modern, partially automated car production. Very interesting was also the just in time supply chain management system with the main goal to minimize the stock level. 

Thanks to the management for the permission, thanks to our guides, thanks for the lunch – our participants learned a lot.


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