April 15, 2010

5. Energy Talk at Raiffeisen

The crisis is gone? Did we learn something from it?

F.l.t.r.: Josef Pröll, Walter Rothensteiner, Peter Engert, Heinz Schaller, Veit Sorger (© Raiffeisen-Leasing GmbH)

During the last years Raiffeisen Leasing held Ecology Talks dealing with interesting topics, like “Future Cars”, “River Danube as Transport Route” or “The Farmer as Energy Producer”. At the 5. Energy Talk on April 13, 2010 the economic and financial crises and their impact on sustainability was highlighted.

So what´s the context of crisis and ecology? At this evening it became clear, that people acting sustainable were more successful with their investments even during the crisis than people looking for quick personal outcomes.

Peter Engert (Managing Director of Raiffeisen Leasing) chaired the Energy Talks. Well-known politicians and economists talks with him about sustainability: Veit Sorger (President of Industrialists´ Association), Heinz Schaller (Board Member of Wiener Börse AG), Walter Rothensteiner (General Manager of Raiffeisen Zentralbank, and Division Chairman of Austrian Chamber of Commerce), and Josef Pröll (Vice Chancellor and Minister of Finance). The final conclusion of this evening was, that everybody has to contribute to the greater whole of the system to ride the crisis out and to avoid bad scenarios in future times.

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