18. June 2010

Evening Discussion

Engineering Management What is the added value of postgraduate Education for the Industry?

In the framework of the MSc Engineering Management an evening discussion took place on June 11, 2010 in Zemanek Saal, Vienna University of Technology.

The academic progam director, Prof. Kopacek explained the background idea and the history of this program. One of the main goals has been to educate managers for small and medium sized enterprises as well as for departments of larger companies. Since 1995, more than 120 participants have graduated from this program. One third of them have started their own business and their salary has increased about 25% on average.

After a short introduction of Oakland University, Rochester MI, Prof. Janell Townsend who teaches marketing talked about the value and strength of the MSc Engineering Management program. To graduate the MSc program in three semesters is a big advantage of this program. Also in United Stated the Master Science Degree (MSc) title is more asked for and accepted in society as well as in the companies.

After graduating Dr. Bernd Kopacek was appointed Managing Director of the Austrian Society for Systems Engineering and Automation. He worked in the field of electronic scrap recycling and founded several companies. His conclusion was a small company can not have several bosses in different areas. Therefore such an education program is essential to manage Small and Medium Enterprises. Furthermore he represents the IEEE Technology Management Council, Chapter Central Europe as well as the EM Alumni Association.

For Mrs. Baddy Sonja Breidert the program was valuable, as based on the knowledge from this program she has been able to manage projects and solve problems in her company. If she encounters problems and needs information, she can easily find the necessary information from the books, scripts and handouts of the program.

Similar to other graduates Dr. Thomas Hrabal, owner-manager of a Viennese office for Architecture and Project Management, learnt management skills, which were an important added value in working internationally.  Moreover his later doctor thesis was based on the EM-know-how.

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