July 14, 2010

Fit for the future – Graduation Executive MBA Mergers & Acquisitions

On July 02, 2010 the Graduation of the Executive MBA Mergers & Acquisions took place at the Festsaal at the Vienna University of Technology. In a festive ceremony the TU Vienna and the University of Vienna congratulated their new Alumni

In his opening remarks Dr. Paul Jankowitsch, Vice-Rector of the Vienna University of Technology cordially welcomed the graduates and congratulated them for choosing this EMBA and trusting both Universities. “Especially for Mergers & Acquisitions interesting times are going to appear. Now it is important to stay on save ground and be fit enough for future challenges” so Mr. Jankowitsch.

In his Commencement Adress Mag. Paul Kocher, Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding AG carried out who important it is to look beyond numbers. In this regards also a sound understanding for other cultures and management techniques are decisive for a successful M&A deal.

The academic director Univ.Prof. DDr. Thomas Dangl addresses also the families and friends of the Alumni. “Especially in economically difficult times it can be hard to complete a study in addition to job and family. Therefore a warm thank for the support and patient within the last month”.

On behalf of the Alumni Dr. Michael Belegratis, MBA gave an overview of the last 3 semesters. “The program is completed, but implementing the gained knowledge and staying in contact with the colleges and faculty members are now the challenges – for the Alumni as well as for the universities”.

The Continuing Education Center of the TU Vienna and the University of Vienna congratulate their Alumni:

Quintin Althann, BBA, MBA
Dr. Michael Belegratis, MBA
Lesya Kovalenko, BSc., MBA
Jürgen Kreindl, Bakk., MBA
Mag. Christoph Lessiak, MBA
Mag. (FH) Wolfgang Mayrhofer, MBA
Mag. (FH) Peter Müller, MBA
Mag. Rudolf North, MBA
Iryna Romanenko, M.A, MBA, MBA
Mag. Ingrid Schwank, B.A., MBA

Further information can be found on http://merger.tuwien.ac.at/

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