04. October 2010

Evening Lecture with Prof. Heinz Zemanek

Heinz Zemaenk in the Zemanek Hall

This “historic” event took place in the framework of the MSc Engineering Management (EM) program on September 27, 2010 in the Zemanek Hall at the Vienna University of Technology, under the title “Computers and Information Technology”.

Prof. Heinz Zemanek, the Austrian Computer Pioneer, was born on January 1, 1920, studied at the Vienna University of Technology, became in 1986 professorship and is primarily very well-known for building the first fully transistorized computer working on the European mainland, called” Mailüfterl“, in 1955. The name (Viennese for 'May Breeze') is word play on Whirlwind, a famous computer developed by the MIT between 1945 and 1951. In the early sixties he developed with his team the programming language PL 1. He received several Dr.h.c. degrees and is member of numerous Academies of Sciences.

According to this “curriculum vitae” Heinz gave an overview on the development of Information Technology from the roots until today always with sidesteps to economy, management, philosophy,… Finally he gave an outlook to future developments of Information Technology.

The message to the future engineering managers: “The Tower of Babylon should reach the sky – so it is told in a legend. Even this tower was built after a very special system. The tower is supposed to be a symbol of success but also limits of human beings”.

The lecture was well attended. The participants of the currently running EM program, graduates of former EM programs, participants of other CEC programs and a lot of “Zemanek Fans” enjoyed the lecture of Prof. Zemanek.

Peter Kopacek
Academic Program Director
MSc Engineering Management and Zemanek Fan


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