07. September 2010

Company Visit - Kapsch Components – Kapsch Traffic Com

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On August 31, 2010 the company visit to traditional Austrian Company Kapsch Componts took place. 

For a long period of its corporate existence, the Austrian Kapsch AG has been a traditional provider to the Austrian telecom sector. However, within the last fifteen years, the company gave up its local and telecom focus and transformed itself into a successful international provider of traffic and carrier solutions.

Today, Kapsch TrafficCom’s core business is electronic toll collection. Kapsch positions itself as a solution provider, offering hardware and software components, system introduction and project management, as well as commercial operation of the toll collection system. Apart form offering this turn-key solution, Kapsch also sells electronic components to competitors.

The production facility of Kapsch Components – Kapsch TrafficCom based in Vienna is producing electronic infrastructure components for the toll collection systems product line. Currently, there are over 140 employees working in a 6000 m² production area. Kapsch TrafficCom’s electronic toll collection system (ETC) produced here consists of two basic components: the Overhead Unit (’Gantry’), which is installed overhead the motorway lanes and contains the transceiver unit and supportive systems, and the On-Board Unit, which is designed to be carried inside the toll-paying vehicle and contains a passive transponder that responds to transceiver signals from the Gantry.

The participants and program management thank to the company for the kind explanation and guide through the production site. 

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