November 22, 2010

Turning vision into reality

Welcome Reception of the fifth class of the PMBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The students of class 2010 - 2012 with the Academic Directors and the Program Management

On November 2, 2010 the Welcome Reception of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation class 2010 – 2012 and other specializations of the PMBA took place at the Palais Liechtenstein.

The ceremony was opened by Dr. Astrid Kleinhanns, Managing Director of the WU Executive Academy. In her opening address she highlighted the positive aspects of the MBA program by listing the ingredients that will make this MBA program a success: a network of carefully selected students, top faculty members and a highly committed team of Academic Directors and Program Managers. Finally she called on the participants to get the best out of their MBA program while presenting the faculty with new challenges.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Hintze, CEO UPC Austria GmbH, dedicated his key note speech to the question ’How to become a CEO’. In his opinion it is most important to have a firm and clear imagination of what you actually want to be because being a manager or an entrepreneur means turning vision into reality. Therefore being a good manager isn’t only dependant on personal characteristics or being a genius. In fact Mr. Hintze is convinced that only persons, who are able to put their education and know-how into action, will finally win.

Then ao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Barbara Stöttinger welcomed the participants on behalf of all Academic Directors to the ’embarkation on the MBA-journey’ and quoted Albert Camus’ saying that ’Through travelling we discover ourselves”. She is convinced that by participating in this MBA program students’ lives will change for the better because they will become aware of what they know or don’t know and of what they want or don’t want. According to Prof. Stöttinger’s experience from the admission interviews all participants have several traits in common: They want to explore something new, interact with colleagues and are looking for a challenge. She said she was well aware of the fact that the students would also face hard times in the course of their studies, but at the same time promised that there would be lots of opportunities to learn, to interact and to network – and also to have a great time.

After that Ramtin Ghasemipour-Yazdi, MBA BSc, an alumnus of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, stuck the audience with some facts and figures concerning his experiences during the MBA program. He showed impressive cloud tags visualizing the contents of some modules and said that he had counted 1,067,180 words in the official course literature. During his time as a student of the MBA program he had read about 17,000 pages, written about 550 pages and prepared around 50 presentations. He ended by saying that he had experienced success as well as failure and assured the participants that when making mistakes much more is gained than lost.

After taking some class-photos the students had the chance to get to know each other at the buffet. The participants of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation class 2010 – 2012 are from Austria, Germany, Mexico, Romania, Spain, Thailand and the USA and have an average work experience of eight years. We wish them a lot of success and fun for their MBA studies!

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