November 29, 2010

Welcome Reception MEng Membrane Lightweight Structures

Welcome Reception MEng Membrane Lightweight Structures
On November 8, the postgraduate MEng program “Membrane Lightweight Structures” started for the first time.

The 20 international students from Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania, Hong Kong, Dubai, the United States, among others, graduated predominately in the field of architecture and civil engineering.

The program prepares postgraduate students and professionals to work in the dynamic field of structural membrane design. It offers a profound knowledge base and prepares the graduating with invaluable competence and technical ability to work at any architecture or engineering office. The program runs over 4 semesters and is taught in 5 modules. The individual modules are designed to accentuate the entire creative process from the first sketch up to the realization of membrane architecture. A major aim is also to prepare the graduates to develop projects independently. Participants will also have the opportunity to become part of a unique network of experts. The exchange of information and the long-term co-operation form the basis for a successful career in the field of fabric architecture.
The students of the first class of „Membrane Lightweight Structures“ were cordially welcomed by Mag. Petra Aigner  (Managing Director of the CEC/TU Vienna), Dipl.Ing.Dr.techn. Robert Wehdorn-Roithmayr (Program Coordinator) and Mag. Catherina Purrucker (Program Manager CEC/TU Vienna).

The Team of the CEC/TU Vienna wishes all the students good luck for the upcoming four semesters. Further information on the program can be found on our website:

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