December 20, 2010

Graduation General Management MBA

Congratulation to the alumni of the 9th General Management MBA

On November 3rd, 2010, the academic degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) was awarded to the graduates of the 9th General Management MBA Program. 

The academic ceremony was held at Danube University Krems worthily. The graduates, their families and friends as well as the guests of honor were welcomed by Prof. Bouchaib Bahli, PhD, MBA, MSc (Head of Danube Business School) and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Aussenegg (Academic Director General Management MBA TU Vienna). 

After the keynote adresses by KR Prof. Friedrich Macher (Managing Director Express Interfracht) and Prof. Dr. Wolf Müller-Rostin (Academic coordinator Danube Prof. MBA Aviation) the graduation diplomas were awarded. Afterwards some alumni took the chance to report about the special challenge of the combination of postgraduate studies and professional life. All of them expressed a big gratitude to their families and friends, which supported them at any time. Moreover they underlined the excellent personal networking and the gaining of new friends during the 2 years of studying together. 

Both, TU Vienna and Danube University Krems, congratulate 

DI Christian Deutsch, MBA 

Mag. Silvia Groissmaier, MBA 

Ing. Horst Hofbauer, MBA 

DI Clemens Hörweg, MBA 

Mag. Martina Krichmayr, MBA 

DI Bernhard Müller, MBA Mario Hannes Ogris, MBA 

Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Matthias Prosser, MBA 

DI Michael Schmid,  MBA 

DI (FH) Martin Schwarzinger, MBA 

Dr. Berhard Steinmayer, MBA 

DI Thomas Strodl, MBA 

DI Frank Wollner, MBA 

DI Mariella Zapletal, MBA 

Nine MBA students passed their studies with distinction. After closing of the official ceremony the new Masters of Business Administration celebrated with their families and friends. We wish them all the best! 

The 12th General Management MBA Program will start on October 14th, 2011. You can already apply for this program. For further detaills please visit our website:




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