December 21, 2010

Graduation Ceremony Professional MBA Facility Management

Congratulations to the alumni

On December 3, 2010 the official graduation ceremony of the Class 2008-2010 of the Professional MBA Facility Management took place in the Ceremony Hall of TU Wien.

The Vice Rector for International Affairs, Univ. Prof. Dr. Hans Kaiser opened the ceremony celebrated together with the postgraduate program Renewable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe. The Keynot Speech was held by Dr. Gudrun Weinwurm, from the  Research Centre Energy and Environment.

After the festive speech, the academic director Prof. Alexander Redlein awarded the MBA diplomas and thanked the students for interesting time during the program.

We would like to congratulate the alumni:
Dipl.Ing. Dr.techn. Barbara Greiner, MBA
Dipl.Ing. Leyla Mohsenin, MBA
Dipl.HTL.Ing. Gerhard Monschein, MBA
Ing. Roland Poiger, MBA
Dipl.Ing. Wilhelm Prinz, MBA
Mag. (FH) Claudia Schatzl, MBA
Susanne Schindler, MBA
Dipl.Ing. Hannes Schwai, MBA

The valedictorian of the Class 2008-2010, Ms. Susanne Schindler looked back on the past two years, filled with studying to appease the thirst for education which motivated them to take part in the program.
After the official ceremony, the alumni celebrated with their family and friends.

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