March 04, 2011

MSc Program Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe - Country Module “Croatia-Slovenia”

The dummy operator room at the nuclear power plant Krško

At  the beginning of February the students of the MSc Program „Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe”, classes of 2010-2012, joined the country modules. These tailor-made country modules are offered to gain in-depth knowledge on energy markets in CEE. Within the scope of these country modules the students may opt for “Croatia-Slovenia” or for “Poland-Ukraine”.

Those students who opted for “Croatia-Slovenia” travelled to Zagreb from February 3-5, 2011. The lectures on the first two days focused on the strengths and potentials of renewable energy production, past and future development scenarios, judicial overview and legal/economic frameworks, as well as on market overview and investment perspectives in Croatia resp. in Slovenia.

On the third day an excursion was organized, where the students visited the biogas facility at the sewage treatment plant in Zagreb. Then they crossed the border for a visit of the nuclear power plant Krško, which was very impressing. Most of the students said: “I´m against nuclear power, but I won´t pass up the chance to visit a nuclear power plant at work.”

A visit of the small hydro power plant near Krško (which is under construction), and of the PV plant in the thermal power plant in Brestanica completed the line. All things considered the students could gain a lot of new impressions and experience.

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