May 17, 2011

TEMP T.I.M.E European Management Programme 2011-2012

Innovation Management and Business Planning

Bringing ideas to market and learning how to convince potential customers – these are topcis participants in the TEMP Programme are dealing with!

TEMP is jointly organized by the University of Sevilla (Spain), the K.T.H. Stockholm (Sweden) and the Vienna University of Technology (Austria) and is sponsored by the T.I.M.E Association. It consists of three modules (each of 2 weeks) at the universities as well as an off-class module:

• Summer School in Sevilla (September 2011)
• Winter School in Stockholm (February 2012)
• Summer School in Vienna (July/August 2012)

The goal of the programme is to combine technical skills with management skills, raise entrepreneurial spirit and increase the understanding on the interaction between technology, innovation and market. Students learn how to develop their own ideas, benchmarkt them against the market and evaluate different business models.

Students with technical background – especially T.I.M.E students – are welcome to apply! Successful students earn 30ECTS! The tution fee is  900€ – the Vienna University of Technology supports students with sponsorships.

Application is open until June, 24th: Please klick here.

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