August 26, 2011

Cutting-edge research in biomass technologies

Austria is on top of the world in biomass utilization …

Biogas plant Güssing

… and the Vienna University of Technology has contributed to it.. The competence center COMET K1 Bioenergy 2020+, affiliating research partners of commerce and science, is extended now.

Key reference biogas plant in Güssing
Such outstanding performance can only be achieved by academic research and economic partners working hand in hand. At the competence center Bioenergy 2020+ technologies are being explored to harness biomass energy and turn it into green electricity. After a four years period the competence center has been evaluated now and because of the outstanding success the project will be extended. Last but not least TU Vienna benefits most from the subsidies, because being cooperation partner the scientific staff of the university has contributed a huge part of research work of Bioenergy 2020+.

Biomass/biogas technologies also is a topic within the postgraduate MSc program „Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe“.
Next program start: October 2011
Application is still possible.

Detailed information on this outstanding MSc program you´ll find here:

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