October 31, 2011

Evening Lecture - M.Eng „Membrane Lightweight Structures“

On October 18, 2011 the Vienna University of Technology organized the traditional evening lecture within the university course “Membrane Lightweight Structures”.

Mr. Steve Masterson from Kiska offered interesting insights into the process of product design: how can one find the fitting design for a product? How can you create a strong brand in the long term and differentiate yourself from others? The formula for success in the case of the brand KTM was a radical and consequent design – a brand needs a unique and distinctive appearance and has to convey its core values consistently.
According to Kiska, the design process is not about the invention, but about transferring new technologies on design solutions.
Masterson also emphasized the importance of model building in the design process – one cannot only reply on computer simulations. Another valuable lesson learned, from someone who has the practical experience in this field.

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