December 23, 2011

Graduation of the 13th "Engineering Management" Program

Alumni Class 2010-2011

On December 15, 2011 the graduation ceremony of the MSc Program Engineering Management was held in the Boeckl Hall of the Vienna University of Technology. 9 participants from 5 countries finished successfully their MSc study and were graduated in the course of a "classical" cerrmony.

The Dean of Acadmic Affairs of the Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Prof. Kurt Matyas welcomed the graduates and their guests. In his festive speech he gave a first overview about the history of Vienna University of Technology as one of the oldest German speaking Universities in Europe. Founded in 1815 this University will celebrate the 200th anniversary in 2015.

He expressed also the importance of the continuing education for the graduates with engineering background to extend and deepen the knowledge of economics as well as legal issues. The main goal of this program is to "produce" graduates have the ability to understand both complex technological proccesses and modern management in today´s industrial world. According to our experiences an MSc University degree in Engineering Management seeks to educate tomorrow´s managers to have a range of valuable skills. With the demand for a wide range of graduate engineers increasing internationally, more opportunities have emerged in the professional ares of managing the very different processes related to modern engineering.

After the adjuration by Christof Pitter the certificates of the academic title "Master of Science in Engineering Management - MSc" form Vienna University of Technology were handed over to the graduates by Prof. Matyas.

On behalf of the graduates Juha Mantere highlighted in his acceptance speech the different subject and aspects, the education on highest standards by an international faculty with exceptional knowlegde and the group of colleagues. Finally he expressed the sincere thanks to all people who supported the participants during the program.

Based  on the evaluation of the students during the program six lecturers received "The best lecturer Award" handed over by Prof. Kurt Matyas and Dr. Bernd Kopacek the president of the EM Alumni Association. At the first time an Award for the support of the EM program was also given.

Finally the Academic Program Director Prof. Peter Kopacek congratulates the alumni wish them all the best for the future and asked for their success sotries.


We congratulate our alumni:

Dipl.-Ing. Pavol Bartko, MSc
Padmanabhan Dasarathy, BSc, MSc
Siavash Deszfouli, MSc
Matthias Frick, BSc, MSc
Leonardo García Medina, MSc
Thomas Linder, MSc
Juka Mikael Mantere, MSc
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dr.techn. Christof Pitter, MSc
Mag. (FH) Christian Wenninger, MSc



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