January 29, 2013

Conferment of Best Thesis Awards to E&I graduate

Clemens Wass was honored for his remarkable thesis

Each year the most outstanding master’s theses of a graduating Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation class are nominated for the Best Thesis Award. For the class 2010 - 2012 the following pieces of work were selected:

Mr. Daniel Meierotto: “Understanding and Improving Treatment Adherence in Physical Therapy”

Mr. Leopold Schierfermüller: “Introduction of Pump Storage Hydro Power in Romania to provide Balancing Energy and Ancillary Services to the Electricity Market”

Mr. Christian Warmuth: “Crisis Management and Trust Building after a Failed Merger: an Exploratory Case Study”

Mr. Clemens Wass: “The Wheel Dog Company – Introducing an Innovative Dog Scooter”


The jury consisting of the Academic Directors of the program – Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and Prof. Dr. Sabine T. Köszegi – finallyselected Mr. Clemens Wass as prize winner. In his master’s thesis he describes the venture of a so called “Wheel Dog Company” in a business plan. The dog-scooter can be used as a sports instrument or as a tool for walking the dog. 

The full text versions of those master's theses not restricted from public use are available here

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