February 15, 2013

For many students it´s the FIRST TIME…

… to attend a typical Viennese ball

Take one evening for a break from studying and learning, relax, slip into your ball gown or your tuxedo and have fun – that was the main motivation for around twenty ETIA students from both years (ETIA05 and ETIA06) to go to the TU-Ball on January 31st. 2013. What is so special about it? To make it short – for many of them it is the “FIRST TIME”! First, for the international students coming from far abroad, it is their first ball experience in general. For others it is the first time in the honorable halls of the Hofburg Palace. Third, it could be the first time for dancing the famous Viennese Waltz not only in a dancing school, but on a crowded dance floor, where people twisting around and unfortunately bump into you, if you are not careful. Another first time might be the midnight quadrille, based on the Fledermaus-Quadrille from Johann Strauß (son), which marks the highlight of the evening. At the end of the day or in other words – in the early hours of the next day we agreed that the TU-Ball 2013 was a very exciting and a highly appreciated experience for everyone and some of us are already looking forward to the next one in 2014.

Text by Paul Leitner (ETIA05)

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