February 25, 2013

Career Spotlight: Marlene Buchinger

Get to know the graduates of the MSc Program „Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe“. Find out why they have decided just on this MSc program and what professional career changes they have made. If you are interested in, we´ll make contact to our Career Spotlights.

Marlene Buchinger

Today in conversation with: Marlene Buchinger, BA(FH) MSc (Project Manager, BayWe r.e. Wind GmbH), Alumna Class 2009-2011

Your first academic degree was a Bachelor in „Business Management“. Why did you decide just on a master program with technical background? Why did you just decide on the MSc Renewable Energy?
At the respective time I have had several years working experience in technically related industries, hence I wanted to enlarge my knowledge in a technical discipline. The focus on renewable energies especially in Eastern Europe was convincing for me. I liked the close dialog with the fellow students from which also work-related cooperation has resulted. 

At the beginning of the MSc you were employed as Business Developer at JUWI. Just after graduation of the MSc you  switched to RENERCO Renewable Energy Concepts AG (now: BayWe r.e. Wind GmbH).. How was the master programm crucial for your professional career?
The MSc studies were not a decisive factor for the job change, but I have benefited from the lectures in my current position as project manager for wind power projects. The knowledge about other renewable energy forms is beneficial as my company works also in the business areas photovoltaic, biomass and geothermal energy. For example my RENERCO colleagues have developed the two geothermal projects  Dürrnhaar and Kirchstockach, near Munich, which are producing 5.5 MW electrical power each. Those projects are known as lighthouse projects in Germany.

In your class at the MSc programm female students had a share of 25 %. What advices would you want to give to young female colleagues for their career?
Women should not be scared by technical contents and I would really appreciate if the share of female students further increases over the next years.

What career plans do you have for the next 3-5 years?
My focus will still be on wind power projects in the UK. Also I would like to apply my knowledge at projects in Austria and Eastern Europe, time will tell.

Renewable Energy is a vital topic nowadays. How do you practice environment protection at home?
In my opinion everybody can contribute to environmental protection. It starts with small steps like energy saving (turning off the lights), shopping (buying groceries directly at a farm) or using existing resources (heating or water usage). Additionally I cycle to work or use public transport and recently I bought a solar charging device for my mobile phone.

Which book do read currently?
It is the highly interesting and contemporary frightening book of Jorgen Randers „2052 – A Gobal Forecast for the Next Forty Years“ written on behalf of The Club of Rome. The complex consideration of ecological and hence social challenges in future are arousing. Finally nobody can overcome nature and according to Randers “the adjustment process of mankind to the boundaries of our planet has already started”.

(Interview dtd. Feb 21, 2013)

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