March 28, 2013

Special Offer for Alumni: Country Module „Romania/Bulgaria“

MSc Program „Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe“. May 09-11, 2013, Bucharest (RO)

The international orientation of the program is reflected not only in the curriculum, but also in the cross-border cooperation with universities and organizations of other countries in the scope of country modules. Tailor-made country modules are offered to gain in-depth knowledge on energy markets in CEE.

It all started in 2008, when our MSc students first had the option to choose between country modules. The very first country modules were held in Hungary and Slovakia.  After remodelling the teaching content the country modules were also held in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, and the Ukraine. The next country module will deal with Romania and Bulgaria. Currently we work on the future country module „Turkey“.

Country specific lectures will include a market overview, legal issues, and promotion schemes. Experts report on how they experienced implementing renewable energy projects there. In general, each country module lasts for three to four days. It covers two to three different countries during those days (one country per day) and includes an excursion to interesting renewable energy sites. Every year different countries are offered.

The next country module - “Romania/Bulgaria” - will take place in Bucharest (RO) for the very first time from May 09-11, 2013. For alumni it is possible to attend this new country module to a special alumni price. Details on request.

If you are interested in the new country module “Romania/Bulgaria”, please register as soon as possible: newenergy(at)


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