April 22, 2013

Cäsar 2012 – The winners are …

Walter Stingl (leftmost), Thomas Malloth (rightmost) © epmedia Werbeagentur GmbH

Outstanding performances in the Austrian real estate community were awarded. The „Cäsar“ is the highest award given by the Austrian real estate community. The winners 2012 were presented on April 04, 2013 at a soiree in Palais Ferstel. And the winners 2012 are:

  • Property Manager: Michael Griesmayr (IC Projektentwicklung)
  • Service Provider: Karin Fuhrmann (TPA Horwath)
  • Real Estate Services: Thomas Malloth (Dr. Gerhard Stingl Hausverwaltung)
  • Real Estate Manager: Eduard Zehetner (Immofinanz AG)
  • Real Estate Agent: Sandra Bauernfeind (EHL Immobilien GmbH)
  • Small Diamonds: Elisabeth Rohr (Rohr Real Estate)
  • Junior Cäsar: Alexandra Maria Rieder (Absolventin FH Kufstein)
  • Cäsar International: Bruno Ettenauer (CA Immobilien AG)
  • Lifetime Achievement: Walter Stingl & Gerhard Nidetzky

Amongst the winners and the finalists you´ll find faculty members of the real estate programs at TU Vienna: Thomas Malloth, Walter Stingl, Michael Pech, Alexander Bosak and Oliver Brichard.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!

Finalists >> (in German)
Winners >> (in German)
Photos of soiree (© epmedia Werbeagentur GmbH)

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