May 08, 2013

Summer School "Control Center Solutions"

in Cooperation with Frequentis AG

The global demand for technology that better supports the management of safety-critical operations continues to increase each year. Control center solutions provide the answer to these increasing technical needs.

All safety-critical operations share many management characteristics. Different industries therefore use similar technologies, and control center solutions are found in various sectors, including:

  • air traffic managementmaritime and
  • rail (traffic and safety management)
  • public safety (emergency call centres, dispatch/coordination of police, fire, ambulance and rescue services)

Continuous innovation is a key characteristic of control center solutions. This is due to the dynamism of the sector as it strives to meet the demands of mobility and security. Innovation also comes through research programmes, such as the billion euro SESAR project or the European Union’s security research programme.

The SESAR programme seeks to develop a uniform, standardised air navigation safety system based on digital communication technology. The aim is to triple airspace capacity, halve air traffic management costs and achieve a tenfold increase in safety.

SESAR is likely to result in a number of paradigm changes, in turn requiring significant technical and organisational change. This will primarily impact control centre staff and systems, enabling them to make more cost-efficient and reliable use of safety-related resources.

Control center users (such as air traffic controllers, the emergency services or the coastguard) must respond quickly and effectively to safety-critical situations. This response is closely dependent on the ability of system components to support human operators.

Control center technology must enhance situational awareness, planning & decision making, and communication processes. This is why control center solutions, regardless of domain, include tactical situation reports, planning and management tools, and high-availability voice and data transfer between distributed systems.

The Summer School reflects the huge and growing importance of control centers.

Registration deadlineAugust 30, 2013
Start of the Summer SchoolSeptember 18, 2013
FeeEUR 1500 (free of VAT), 10 % Early Bird Bonus until July 19, 2013
CompletitionCertificate of the Vienna University of Technology

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