May 23, 2013

Student Statement – A MSc Economics Student talks about his experience and his future plans at the Yale University

The Master of Science Economics is a joint program of the Vienna University of Technology and the Institute for Advanced Studies. This postgraduate program is a rigorous, quantitative education and equips graduates with the advanced tools to undertake a research career in economics. Consistent with this goal, the MSc Economics is aimed at highly talented individuals, who have an outstanding academic record during their previous university studies.
It requires the full-time concentration of students for the entire two year period. Graduates are equipped to succeed in an ever more competitive environment. The curriculum emphasizes analytic competence, economic intuition and solid empirical work.

The student Joachim Hubmer, MSc Economics Class 2011-2013 talks about his experience and his future plans at the Yale University:

„Having a background in business administration, the MSc Economics was a game changer for me. The program did not only deepen my interest in the science of economics, but also served as a springboard to the PhD program at Yale. While the workload is high, students benefit from a faculty that is always approachable and introduces students to current research as well as from a very strong peer group of fellow students. In the end, the effort one has to make in order to master the rigorous coursework pays off: IHS graduates are well-prepared for a career in academia. In particular, the program enables student to pursue a PhD at top-level universities.“

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