May 17, 2013

Career Spotlight: Martin Hujsa

Martin Hujsa

Today in conversation with: Martin Hujsa, Bc MSc (project manager, sun4energy), Alumnus MSc „Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe“ Class 2007-2009

Why did you choose for the REN master course at the Vienna University of Technology?
REN  is shaping the whole energy sector. It is the most dynamic and youngest business, which helps to “green” the world in a sustainable way. This master course offers the most suitable education in this sector in Central Europe. At the time of my studies, there were no options for such educational portfolio suited for the business. Experienced lecturers, professionals and positive references from alumni gave me “green” to go for this course.

How was the REN master course crucial for your professional development?
I have received a compact overview of all divisions in REN (hydro, wind, geothermal, solar, ...) which helped me to orient myself in the sector. But the most crucial point was to meet my colleagues (also alumni from the same course) - with them we started our business in renewable energies. We are still staying in contact with other alumni, so thanks to REN master course networking is easy.

What advices would you want to give to new prospective students for the REN master course - what should they know?
To know what you want to do after your studies. Only then you can specify your requests for the lecturers.

What was your funniest experience during your REN study time?
A lot of funny stories, especially the evening sessions with other students …

In 10 years I will be….?
President of Slovakia. No, rather no.

What is your motto?
Do the things you really like.

(Interview dtd. May 17, 2013)

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