June 04, 2013

Career Spotlight: Thomas Stabauer

Thomas Stabauer

Thomas Stabauer, MEng (Sales Manager, Lenzing Plastics GmbH Österreich), Alumi Class 2010 - 2012

Why did you choose the master program at the Vienna University of Technology?
Such a master program has been offered for the first time and this made this program very particular. This master program was an excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge since I have been working with textile architecture for several years now. The possibility to interact with people coming from different areas of the textile architecture at international level was as a motivation for participation.

What would you advise to prospective students interested in the master program – what should they know about the program?
They should know that this course is something very special and that you have constantly the opportunity to exchange your experience and interact with your peers.  During the presence modules at the university extensive knowledge is available which prospective students can retrieve at any time. This knowledge comes not only from the lecturers but also from the students. What to make of it is up to the individual student but such a possibility cannot be found very often. This very young master program can and will establish itself further and this depends also on the students.

Could you already make contacts for your future career while studying or experience useful impulse?
While studying I had the opportunity to establish good contacts so that I could expand my network. Due to the fact that every single person who studied in this master course works with textile architecture, all contacts were helpful. The students were also selected in a way that a wide range of knowledge was available and everybody could incorporate their own experience and thus the whole group benefited.

What has changed in career terms since you began studying? How does your training (cutting-edge knowledge, skills and networks) assist you to achieve your career goals? What specific development opportunities (promotion, skills, etc.) resulted from this?
Because of the extensive transfer of knowledge within the course, it became easier for me to better understand certain processes.  As the textile architecture is a very complex topic and as in my work I have to deal with people from different environments, I can now better understand certain approaches. I could expand my personal competence while studying which helps me a lot in my daily work. I already used my new-found network or recommended certain companies.

How did you benefited personally from the course?
Continuing education is a personal enrichment and this master program has enabled me to meet new and very interesting people. Some people will certainly continue to accompany me in the future.

What was your funniest experience during your time studying Membrane Lightweight Structures?
There were many interesting and funny moments, so it’s hard to highlight a single experience here. For me it was very interesting to see how we students have grown together as a team during the time and pursued the same goal.

What career plans do you have for the next 3-5 years?
I want to use my new-found knowledge in my work, so that we can continue to grow within the company. I would like to extend our applications in the textile architecture and consolidate them on the market.

What challenges are you confronted to in your position?
Since our field of business is in a relatively price-sensitive area and our products are fairly new, for the textile architecture, we always have to deal with challenges. The market is developing steadily and constantly presents new requirements to us that we want to meet to our best knowledge. It is these challenges that are making my position interesting and varied.

With which personality (historical or alive) would you  like to spend your lunch break with?
There are many people with whom I would like to spend my lunch break.  I am fascinated by people who have achieved something on their own.
If I had to choose I would probably take Albert Einstein.

(Interview of Mai 17, 2013)


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