August 28, 2013

Renewable Energy Talk: „Solar Thermal Power in the USA“ (with Jörg Gäbler)

Jörg Gäbler

The next Renewable Energy Talk will take place on September 23, 2013 at the Vienna University.

At the Renewable Energy Talk Jörg Gäbler, BA, MSc will talk about Wagner Solar Inc. and his position as General Manager in the USA. He will give an overview of the solar thermal market, the situation in the US and potentials in America. Furthermore he will inform about possibilities of investments and technical differences in solar heating between America and Europe.

About Jörg Gäbler:
Joerg Gäbler is president and founder of Smart-Energy, Inc., a start-up firm in the renewable energy field near Boston, MA. Prior to establishing Smart-Energy, he worked in management positions for several German companies responsible for new business development in the United States and in Germany. After completing a degree in Business Administration in the US, he received a Master of Science at the MSc program “Renewable Energy in Central & Eastern Europe” offered by the Vienna University of Technology and Energiepark Bruck/Leitha. His is graduate of Class 2006-2008, his master´s thesis covered the solar thermal market of the United States in cooperation with Wagner & Co Solar Technology, Germany, and AEE intec, Austria. Since 2010 Jörg Gäbler is General Manager of Wagner Solar Inc., Boston, MA.

About Wagner Solar Inc.:
Wagner & Co Solar Technology has a successful history of growth throughout Europe, with subsidiaries in Spain, France and Italy and more than 400 employees. Wagner Solar Inc., the US branch located in Boston, Massachusetts, provides highly efficient solar thermal systems tailored to the US market for domestic hot water and space heating applications. As one of the largest Photovoltaic integrators in Germany, Wagner Solar Inc. will also be offering solar electric PV solutions and will provide engineering support for installations in North America.

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