June 30, 2013

MSc Engineering Management - Insights

Our latest module taught by Prof. Sengupta from Oakland University about Production Systems was very insightful. As the students in this class come from various different backgrounds we were surprised how every one of us could find a way to apply the theoretical models presented during our intensive five days lecture in their own specific work environment.

We also had an opportunity to gain some first-hand experience with professional software that solves linear programing problems, which enabled us to tackle a few tricky resource optimization problems as part of our course assignment ourselves. Another highlight of this module was a comprehensive overview of Lean Principles in Manufacturing as well as Engineering in general.

It is useful for Engineering Managers to be aware of the common waste found in any kind of Production System and to know about the most common, yet scientifically proven methods to eliminate them. In addition, the class agreed that the material presented in this module also added value by refreshing our basic statistical skills.

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