September 30, 2013

Review of the first and start of the second study year of ETIA06 class in “Environmental Technology and International Affairs”

How a student comments on the MSc program

On the occasion of the info-session on September 30th 2013, 25 students of the sixth ETIA course received update information on the second study year („TU year“) at TU Vienna by the Academic Director and the Program Manager who gave detailed information about upcoming lectures, excursions and the Master´s Thesis process.
Later in the afternoon several Faculty Members joined the meeting presenting themselves and their lecture topic. Those professors willing to supervise Master´s Theses mentioned and explained their suggested topics as well.

Aditi Ramola, student of ETIA06 comments on the previous DA year and the expectations for the TU year as follows:
"The year at the Diplomatic Academy provided students a great introduction to the disciplines of Law, Economics, Political Science and History. The classes were very informative and interesting with a high teacher-to-student ratio which was conducive to learning, and encouraged student initiative. The courses afforded insights into the various socio-political and economic factors governing the implementation of environmental solutions and will guide my career in the future. An engineer by training, I eagerly look forward to the exciting courses on environmental technologies and related topics in the second year at the TU. The interdisciplinary nature of the ETIA program will empower me to approach environmental issues with a holistic outlook and a global perspective and I look forward to meaningfully applying technological solutions to solve the problems faced by society."

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