October 04, 2013

Graduation Ceremony of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Class 2011-2013

On September 21, 2013 the graduation ceremony of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, jointly offered by the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna University of Economics & Business took place.

After the opening words by Prof. Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, dean of the WU Executive Academy, the audience was priviledged to welcome a distinguished guest speaker: Hartmut Ehrlich, former Vice President Global R&D and Medical Affairs, Baxter International. In his keynote speech, Dr. Ehrlich highlighted the crucial role that continuing professional development plays in achieving corporate success, stressing in particular the importance of knowledge transfer and integration. "The business landscape is changing faster than ever: companies that were market leaders yesterday, are becoming increasingly marginalized today as a result of changing market conditions. Only businesses that manage to identify future trends early on and adapt their strategies accordingly will be successful in the long run. A strong commitment to providing employees with continuing professional development opportunities and to fostering a "learning organization" culture by transferring into action the knowledge that has been accumulated is, therefore, of critical importance to the long-term success of any business," said Dr. Ehrlich.

During the graduation ceremony, held in the picturesque setting of Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna, the international participants were awarded the degree of "Master of Business Administration (MBA)".

We congratulate the graduates of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation Class 2011-2013:

Claudio Di Vincenzo
Goran Jovanov
Christopher Krainer
Darko Marasovic
Thomas Moser
Ronja  Müller-Bruhn
Birgit Oburger
Jürgen Rattenberger
Walter Rosinger
Lucian Stoenescu
Diana Tofan
Ying Wu
Stefan    Wurm
Marius    Zaharia
Elica Zlatkova
The ceremony at Palais Liechtenstein also saw another highlight: the presentation of the "Teaching Award for Excellency". The students had been asked to nominate two Professional MBA faculty members—one from the Business Core and one from their respective specializations—as "best lecturers".

The Professional MBA "Teaching Award for Excellency" went to:
•   Dr. Bernhard Scherzinger (Professional MBA Business Core 2011-2013)
•   Prof. Anthony Warren (Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2011-2013)

This award was followed by alumni speeches by Peter Wilfinger (EMBA 2006-2007), President of the International Alumni Board, and Clemens Wass (Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2010-2012).
The ceremony was closed  by the Austrian National Anthem and the European Anthem.

Following the ceremony, the attendees celebrated in the beautiful Palais Liechtenstein - which offered a perfect setting for this festive occasion. We wish our graduates all the very best!

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