October 25, 2013

Career Spotlight Michael Jungnitsch

Today in conversation with Dipl.-Ing. Michael Jungnitsch, TÜV Rheinland - Chief Regional Officer of Asia-Pacific and President & CEO of TÜV Rheinland Japan. Alumnus of the MSc Engineering Management class 2007-2008.

Describe your current position and what led you to your job
Currently I’m working for TÜV Rheinland as Chief Regional Officer of Asia-Pacific and President & CEO of TÜV Rheinland Japan. In this role, I oversee the performance of our business in Japan and in nine other countries in South-East-Asia and Australia. Before this, I headed the Product Safety Division of TÜV Rheinland in Germany.
Looking back as a young engineer decades ago, what led me to this job is my willingness to live and work abroad. I have worked in Sweden, Japan and South Korea early in my career. The experience I have gained in unpredictable and often challenging circumstances have given me a wider mind-set and an understanding of how business works in other countries. Also, as a lifelong learner, I appreciate the importance of keeping abreast with the latest research and practices. This is why I enrolled at the Vienna University of Technology in Engineering Management in 2007.

What made you chose the MSc Program Engineering Management?

When I made the decision to continue with formal education, I felt that it would be more beneficial for me to have a comprehensive and overall training in the latest engineering and finance/economics subjects instead of participating in single seminar programs.

Why did you decide to participate in this program?
The program of the CEC at the VUT fit very well in my busy schedule with onsite study blocks of four and a half days once a month over a period of one and a half years. The possibility to earn a formal degree from a well-respected university was also an important factor for me in making the decision to participate in this program.

Can you describe the program in three sentences?
The Engineering Management program is perfectly designed to accommodate a busy manager’s schedule with comprehensive onsite study units in an academic face-to-face environment. It offers a broad range of topics, all very relevant in the business world, taught by high caliber academic and business practitioners. The international and mixed composition of the students with various backgrounds and experiences in our cohort was very valuable for a fruitful exchange of ideas.

On what topics did the Master program put the focus on?
I appreciated the broad topics in the fields of engineering applications, finance and economics as well as law because as a manager in the world today you have to handle all of these at the same time in business.

How did the master program influence your professional life?
The challenge to “squeeze” such an intensive program in my packed schedule over a period of one and a half years required good time management and a strong commitment from me and everyone around me including my family and my colleagues. Since this was successfully achieved, I gained positive recognition from both my supervisors and my staff. In the end, finishing the program was one of the criteria for my promotion to take charge of a large region (Asia-Pacific) in an international corporation.

Did your studies enable you to develop professionally?

It was very helpful to engage again in intensive learning of a wide variety of business relevant topics. My studies helped me understand the issues faster and react in an informed manner.

How did you benefit from the program personally?
Personally, I have been able to network and develop relationships with fellows in my cohort. Since we all have different experiences coming from various industries and positions, it was very helpful to exchange views and gain a wider perspective. To this day, I am still in touch with some of them.

Do you have any advice for our future students?
To succeed in such a comprehensive program one has to have a strong and intrinsic commitment because it can be quite intensive. That said, the reward will be well worth the effort.

What is your motto?
“Say what you do, do what you say, and learn from your experience.” In other words, as a leader, it is important to be transparent and explain the direction I am taking. Having this vision, the next step would be to navigate towards a chosen destination. Whatever challenges or successes come my way, I will take these into account and learn from them.

Which book do you read currently?
“Screw Business as Usual” by Richard Branson

(Interview of October 25, 2013)

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