December 18, 2013

Students build a Bedouin Tent

Neither cold or snow, nor wind could stop the participants of the second class of the MEng Membrane Lightweight Structures: within the first unit of the master program the students built a so called “Bedouin Tent”. Together with Tino Stoschek from Tentickle, the students built a tent from scratch at one of the university courtyards.

First of all, the fabric is laid out on the ground. Then the corners are fixed with pegs, one after the other. Once all ground anchors are fixed, you can put in the poles. There is a lot of flexibility as regards the design, since you can put the poles where ever you’d like. Nevertheless the fabric is very tough, very elastic and also water proof. However, the tent needs to be properly tensioned in the setting up, otherwise the poles can fall over. Fortunately, this did not happen and in a common effort that took the students almost four hours, they did it in the end: the tent was built!

You can visit the photo gallery or get further information on the program  at our program website.

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