December 16, 2013

Career Spotlight: Mag. Birgit Oburger, MBA

Alumna of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Class 2010-2012

Why did you decide to take part in the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation?

I wanted to get good knowledge in business basics. It is important to understand the principles and mechanism of the economy in order to understand the context in which one is working with one’s company or projects. This is what I learned in the Business Core. I chose the specialization in Entrepreneurship & Innovation because I frequently work with innovative projects. In the course of the MBA program I increasingly understood that innovations concern all areas of a company. This gave me flexibility in my work and facilitates my collaboration with other departments within my company.

How did the MBA program influence your professional life?
The MBA enabled me to look beyond the predefined goal of a project. It allows me to be more flexible as a project leader and to see opportunities for my ideas, projects and results that I could not have recognized without having dealt so intensely with entrepreneurship and innovation. Only if one is able to recognize opportunities one can act and transform the opportunities into concrete results.

What advice would you give prospective students?

At the kick-off event of our program, an alumna spoke to us. She kept repeating: Everyone who joins this program has a spark and is eager to learn and develop. The most important things throughout the program and onwards is: Keep the spark!
I often think about that because it’s true and that is why I would advise future students just that: keep the spark!

What comes to your mind when you look back on the MBA program? What were the highlights?
Among the highlights were definitely some modules because of the lecturers as well as the collaboration with my MBA colleagues. Many of them have become friends and we still keep in touch. It is worth a lot to have colleagues that you discuss entrepreneurial topics with, but that do not work in the same company than you. Of course, the field trip to Boston was another highlight.

Mag. Birgit Oburger, MBA is project leader at the Austrian Road Safety Board.

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